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Most people Run from Death,while i run to greet it.I live to Kill and kill to live.
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PostSubject: Characters   Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:30 pm

I'm working on some characters, for roleplay and such. I'm really happy I can finally share them.
If I however, catch you stealing them, I will not be happy. Remember, I can sue you, and I don't need to know where you live to do that.

Sabotage Of the Oultaw

He seems rough, and boy, he actually is. Outlaw was abondoned at a very young age, left with no food from his mother, and no one to teach him wrong from right. As the colt struggled, he made it, as he is alive now. He began life with a harsh beginning, in like a lion, but has it come out like a lamb? He tries his hardest to find other horses to assosiate with, but at the same time, he gets irritated easily. They think they had it bad, well then, he wants nothing to do with them. Inside, Outlaw has a huge heart. He enjoys prancing, and running with the ones he loves. The only issue is, he grew up with no one he loves. If he can find someone, maybe life can become better.

Awaited Creature

Creature is one that will probably never be solved. She loves to stay out at night, and explore the places many wouldn't venture to go.

[Not finnished.]
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