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 Ground rules for your charries powers

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PostSubject: Ground rules for your charries powers   Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:08 am

*For your charectors you can have max of 2 powers.
*You can not have the same exact power and abilities with it.
*If a power you want is allready taken by someone alse bend the power into your own imagination.Like bend your power to where is basicly the same power but you use it in a diffrent way and form.
Ex:Someone has fire as their power and can take it from object around them,like generating heat or a candle.
Another person can use fire but uses it from their own body tempature.
*You can use time controling as power.
*Can not be overly powerfull.
*Your charector can not be fully immortal.They must have some weakness.
*Must explain in detail how your person got their powers.
*You cant have the a power that stops time.So no powers that are overly powerfull.

(I will add more when I think them up)

*In the dorm rooms 2 people in each room.An admin or mod will make the topic and say whos is staying in that room.

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Ground rules for your charries powers
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