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Most people Run from Death,while i run to greet it.I live to Kill and kill to live.
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PostSubject: Background Story   Background Story Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 11:57 pm

In a secret government lab,scientists were working on the cure of all cures. Little did they know that their formula was being tampered with,little by little. Each vile of the hoped for cure was tampered with differently and slightly. on the day of distribution, someone noticed a difference in behavior in eacho vile. Realizing that their mirical cure was ruined all they could do is get rid of it properly,but someone didnt want their work to be lost forever. that one scientist thought they could reverse the effects...but he was horribly mistaken. when he realized that the project was a total failure he gave up. He decided to get rid of it in the morning. Leaving the viles completely unprotected, he left his lab. Later that night, his lab was broken into and they were stolen. not knowing what was in the viles,they were discarded and craked. The contents of the vile started to change and grow. They soon became smarter,able to think for themselves. it being unable to survive on its own,it knew it had to find a host. But it couldnt just find any host,it had to find specific traits in each person it needed to thrive. One way or another,the virus moved,searched for anyone with the right personality,blood type, even their memories of their past untill it found the perfect host. Each virus carried different traits in them. Some deadly, some that gave regular human beings extrodinary powers. Many people feared this new virus,not knowing how it was contracted or passed on. Others thought of this virus as a mirical. Whatever it was,it was growing.
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Background Story
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