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Character Information
Cameron Starr Cammie10
Name:Cameron Starr (Though I would seriously preffer if you called me Cammie)
Age: 18 1/2
Sexual orintation: Straight
Hair: It was originally a bright blond. But as I grew it got darker and darker. Right now it's almost black, with thick blond highlights. It's sorta layered, and is naturally wavy-ish.
Eyes:Cameron Starr Eye_1810
Clothing: Casual. I usually dress comfy, sporty, chick. (Will post outfits, when rping)
Power:Invisibilty. Able to turn myself and anything I touch invisible. Mind Reading. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't I don't know why. But it's not full time, and not completely controllable like my invisibility power.
Dorm Room:118
Subject: If your a teacher you need to fill this out. What subject do you teach?
Personality:I'm your typical american girl. I may seem quiet to people who don't know me. But I'm actually quite talkative and outgoing once you get to know me. I'm smart, fun, outgoing. But I'm also, shy, sensitive, and invisible. (In both senses!) I may seem prettymuch harmless but from all those years of humiliation, I've gotten a fiery temper. I try to be calm and rational and not say anything when people tease me and what not. But it's hard.
Best Friend:Andrea Burns


Father:Deceased Of natural causes
Relationship:While alive it was great
Mother:Deceased from car crash
RelationshipWhile alive it was great

History: Well, I grew up in your average New York home. My mother was a clothing designer, never home, always busy meeting up with random celeberties getting their wardrobe fixed up for concerts and all that jazz. My father, he was a layer. A lousy one may I add, but I loved him. He was practically always home, (No one wanted him defending them, thats for sure. He can't even defend himself!! He tried to convince my mom that he really hadn't been the one to eat all the leftover pizza. But after two years she still thought he was a pig for eating it all.. I never had the guts to actually tell her it had been Josh and I.) Well, lets fast forward a bit. I was 15, attending highschool, I bet your probably thinking. 'Ooooh she was probably the most popular, and what not.' Hate to dissappoint you.. But no. I was not popular. I was a loser! Yeah you got that! No one cared that I was smart. Or pretty, or anything. They had a problem with my religion. I was pushed asside because I was a christian. I was endlessly tortured by the mean comments people made when they saw me reading my Bible durring lunch. Everyone ignored me, never noticed I was around. So I got used to being the quiet one. Always invisible. Pretty soon I had developed the nickname. Chameleon. (It was perfect for me may I add.)

So thats that. Lets fastforward the sad stuff. My father died of cancer. My mother, she was involved in a fatal car crash.

Well, I was about 17 years old. Thinking of college, and living with my uncle on a farm in texas. As lame as that may sound.. I enjoyed it. I was ready to face the world, and move on with my own life. Go to college, and maybe shed the invisibility cloak that I always seemed to be wearing (Not litterally, I mean that as in, trying to get rid of the fact that I was always unoticed.. Invisible) To make a long story short (Prepeare yourself to be sitting there for a while. Thats what I always say before I go on ranting about my past, and getting into a deep conversation of how I hate labs, and scientists.. Woops.. getting ahead of myself there.)

I was walking down a dark alley way. It was about oh.. lest say 6-ish 7. I had made a wrong turn somehow. Oh and by the way, I had already moved out of my aunt and uncles place, and moved to (Wherever we are now... Wherever this RP takes place ??). So I was walking along minding my own buisness. Well, trying toanyway. I had overheard many arguments as I got deeper into the slums of the city. (Ew, it was gross there!!!) Well, as I was saying. I was walking casually down the street trying to find a way out, when I saw these men in lab coats walking out of a building to the right of me. One was tall and slim, he reminded me of Einstien somehow... the crazy white hair maybe..). The other one was slightly short, not lpum, but not exactly skinny either, and had bright red hair. They were both into a deep conversation, I only caught a few words, but then they noticed me. They exchanged some glances. Then walked up to me. The tall one had a diplomatic face, he smiled pleasantly and stopped infront of me. "Excuse me miss. But, what blood type do you have?" Well, I todl them, then the other man nodded and said. "Would you be willing to do us a favor?" They explained what it was. Something about alittle girl having an operation, and was needing blood. It seemed convincing enough, and all they needed was one capsul. So naturally I agreed. (STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!! Never talk to strangers kids!! Especially ones with lab coats on!! I was, and still am, a HUGE idiot for agreeing to those pig headed men...)

So they took me into their 'lab'. Then the last thing I remember is one of the men diving at me and placing a towel over my face. I was out cold. All I seemed to gather after I found myself in the middle of a vast grassy field was that I had been used as some guinea pig. My muscles ached, and I found a bunch of needle punctures all over my left arm. I was pretty freaked. Well, atleast they hadn't stole my things or anything. I thought nothing of what happend. And returned to my normal life. Well, life that 'used' to be normal that is. I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office. I had recently been expieriencing pounding headaches, and have seem some pretty strange things in my sleep or stuff the just randomly popped into my head. I tried to think nothing of it. But I was sort of getting the idea that I was seeing the future! Well, as I sat in the waiting room a girl walked in. My eyes widened, oh no! Not her! Not Jessica!! A girl from my highschool, a prep actually. That found joy in torturing me and tearing pages out of my Bible. I offered up a slient prayer. 'Please don't let her see me. Please don't let her see me.' Eh.. just my luck. The nurse came out and called my name. I stood and said in a quiet voice. "Here." The nurse turned her head, seeming to look my way but not seeing me. "Who said that?" She asked in a pleasant voice, somewhat confused. "I did." I said walking forward. She seemed confused again, because she saw no one speaking, and absolutely no one walking as my footsteps echoed in the room. "Ok.. stop playing a joke. Your appointments up." She said loosing her patients. "But I'm right here!" I said looking down at myself. Slightly stunned to see myself faded. As in like SEE THROUGH!!! (OK, lemme get this straight, I'm completely invisible to others. But not completely invisible to myself. (Obviusly otherwise how would I knwo where I was walking and what not. haha.) So I was only slightly invisible to myself. But to others completely invisible.) My eyes widened and I raised my eyes to look up at a mirror hanging in the room. I saw.... Nothing!!

I turned and ran out of the room. Everyone completely shocked. I ran as fast as I could. Slowly becoming visible again. Strange as it sounds. I could hear voices. But more like thoughts. I stopped dear in my tracks. Looking around, a lady was gazing at a pair of jeans through a window. Her thoughts were clear to me. 'I wonder if I'd fit into a size 5' I shook my head and tried to focus on my own thoughts, but other peoples thoughts drowned them out. Then it dawned on me.. I had powers.
So... thats my story.. To some it all up. I can see into the furture. And I can turn myself and anythnig I touch invisible too.
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Accepted ^^

Hate is baggade,lifes to short to be mad all the time,its just not worth it

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what your reactiion to it is

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