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Most people Run from Death,while i run to greet it.I live to Kill and kill to live.
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 Felix Deveraux

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PostSubject: Felix Deveraux   Felix Deveraux Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 10:40 pm

Character Information
Felix Deveraux Ot2rdi

Name:Felix Anne Deveraux
Age: 18
Sexual orintation:Straight
Felix has luxurious dark caramel hair, that is often waved or curled to perfection. It is long- and cascades to just about the middle of her back. It accents her face- and is often silky and shined, and carried in a ponytail or just let down straight. In places, they are highlighted lighter, but it's usually looking dark brown- depending on the season, because her hair will fluctuate coloration.
Light, cautious, secretive eyes. The coloration is very distinct- almost the same as her hair, but with different hues. And along with flecks of dark green, if you look closely. They shape well to her face, and are framed with dark, long lashes. that make her eyes seem bigger. They are seemingly empty if you stare at her, and contain dark things that she would not ever speak of in general.
Clothing: Varies[Posted through Role play]
-Dark magic[talking to spirits, morph into black animals only, can fly]
-Weather[Changes on her mood, and depends on what she wants it to be.]
Dorm Room:119
Subject: If your a teacher you need to fill this out. What subject do you teach?
    Generally, most girls that look like her are flirtatious and seductive. Not her. Although, sometimes she can be that way, depending on her mood, which changes from time to time. She doesn't like to make eye contact with other people, and she definatley doesn't like to talk to many people. Being a worker at two places in a mall is pretty hard, considering thousands of people enter one of the stores she works in. She's not very social, even if someone does catch her eye.

    When it comes a time when things go utterley wrong, Felix won't get her nerves shot or her adrenaline pumping. She can easily handle a situation and won't have a breakdown. Often she needs to help others in times of need rather than herself. She can handle large crowds easily, and doesn't fret if she's lost. Most of the time she doesn't mind thousands of questions, or aspiring young people in need of advice.

    Don't get on her nerves; final straw. Felix usually has patience and such, but she can't stand it when people do things to draw attention to themselves, such as young 13 year olds wearing short shorts and low cut shirts, with their cleavage hanging out. She will not be afriad to scold them, especially if it's in one of the stores she's working in. She will spit venom if you do something to irritate her, so it's best if you not. It's not like the regular hissy fit- it's worse.

Best Friend:
No one specific


Father:Adam rouge Deveraux
Relationship:Bad, Deceased
Mother:Vira anne Monte'
RelationshipBad, Deceased

Laying on the ground with her hair sprwaled out, her eyes closed carefully, and her fingers clutched to the wind. Taking no caution to what may be in store for her, her mind distant in thought. Hazily standing, stretching her arms, and pulling a lock of chocolate behind her ears, she dashed. The wind was hoarse against her face, the sweet scent of nature hitting her nose, and the feel of freedome heistating on her mind. She endulged herself in what felt like forever, untill she sat down for a breath. She held her palms on her knees, and looked at the sky. How long had she been running? She took no care, and decided to go back home, hoping her parents would be there to celebrate her birthday. Before taking off she took in the landscape once more, and her green flecked eyes widened as she spotted a neon orange, white, and violet flower emerge from the ground. She furrowed her brows before nearing it, and plucking it from the roots. She went to inhale the sweet scent it was giving off, but sneezed as the pollen entered her nose. As she opened her eyes, nothing was left in her hand. She just stood and walked off, and breaching her house, she noted that the phone was ringing an alarm. She picked it up. No. No No No. Her parents had died due to drinking, and homocide to eachother. NO! She stormed to her room, pulling on her pajamas, tears rolling down her model's skin.

A few months have passed, and she noticed that whenever she was happy, it would be sunny, and when she was sad it rained heavily, and when she wantd it to be sunny on a rainy day, the weather would clear up in a matter of seconds, to a dreary grey, to a brilliant blue sky and a golden sun. She toyed with this, wondering if she could posses a tornado. Nope, just powerful winds, maybe it was because these powers were new. She shook her head and though, what the hell is wrong with me? She shook her head and looked at her hands, and concentrated. She could see, eminating from her palm, black and purble glitter type dust swiril vague from her palms. She stuttered and decided to go to bed. In the morning, she had checked her mail, and she figured out she was going to a new school when the summer had ended, not a regular school, though. It was special...
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Accepted ^^

Hate is baggade,lifes to short to be mad all the time,its just not worth it

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what your reactiion to it is

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