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 Love Me Or Love Me Not

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PostSubject: Love Me Or Love Me Not   Love Me Or Love Me Not Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 1:04 am

Love Me Or Love Me Not
Love Me Or Love Me Not Modmoo10

Early in the 1960s Marvin Wernick invented the first mood ring in a little town far out from England, it was called Evermore, the little town of Evermore was still ruled by a king and queen, but not just any king and queen a king and queen that had powers, mystical light and dark, they saw these mood rings and other jewerly as a way to tell everyones feelings, with accurate readings, since everyone was wearing them, they spread a spell out over the town, and everyone acted the same as always, but they were obssesed with mood jewerly, they gave rings to their children and they grew up and when they had children they gave them to their children also. They are not controlled by heat, but by your actual mood, each color has a specific or various meanings, they change colors according to how your feeling, everyones innermost feelings were revealed to the world. No one could take their rings off once they were placed apon their fingers, nor if they put a necklace on or anklet or anything it stayed on with some sort of force. Depending on what color your mood ring/necklace, ect, is, there is a certain power you get with that feeling and that color, but it's only one power per color, because there are various moods for the different colors, so they are different from everyone else.

Now in the early months of 2009, the people that escaped from the reaches of the king and queen, and the town of Evermore, are living among the humans of America, with strange rings on their fingers, no one has ever seen them before, and the people with the rings try hiding them along with their powers with each different color, they don't want people to know their feelings, they feel different, they want their feelings a mystery.

Now in recent days, people are beggining to get suspicious of these people, thinking they are some kind of threat, or that they are planning something evil, because things have been happening, when a person with a ring uses their power to save someone even if secretly people have their minds to conjour up some sort of gossip, even worse when something bad happens and one of these people are around, the normal humans have formed a group that have set out to destroy all these strange humans. Some people are against these people, and others just want to befriend them and know more.

If you are a decendant of an Evermore, will you hide from this group and not get caught or will they find you and put you to death like all the rest?


:heart1: I control the variables
:heart2: Please complete the form in full
:heart1: Don't leave anyone out
:heart2: Details allowed, just please, we don't want too much explicit content, distinguish between details and a novel
:heart1: You may have a boyfriend or girlfriend/husband or wife
:heart2: The readongs on the mood rings are always accurate, and always tell exactly what your characters are feeling.
:heart1: In each post, you must tell what color your characters mood ring is, and what your character is feeling, then you may use the power assigned to each color when your characters ring or necklace is that color.
:heart2: Ages 16-29 allowed
:heart1: You may have any type of mood jewerly, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, an anklet, earrings, anything.
:heart2: You can be a regular human, an Evermore, or an Evermore Killer
:heart1: NO RPING WITHOUT ME!!!!

::Moods & The Colors::
Power: Super Speed = Can run up to 200 MPH, and not feel a thnig, tired, or anything happening to you.
●Black (Midnight Black To Charcoal~Ebony/Onyx)- Serious, Intense, Aloof, Mysterious, Stormy, Excited, Energetic, Stressed, Overworked, Tensed, Angry, Mad, Hurt, Mood Ring Inactive; Nothing, Not Working

Power: Earth = Levitating boulders, creating earthquakes, creating dirt, sand and gravel.
●Tan (Dark Brown To Golden Beige~Copper/Bronze)- Anticipation, Heated Emotions, Reactive, Rising Energies, Unexplored, Adaptive, Random Thinking, Restless, Jitters, Puzzled, Troubled, Worried, Fear

Power: Fire = Setting things on fire with the snap of a finger, creating fireballs in your hands and not being affected by the heat, not able to get burnt.
●Red (Red-Brown To Rose~Ruby)- Allured, Aroused, In Love, Excited, Passionate, Awe-Struck, Active, Adventurous, Anxious, Insecure, Angered, Harassed, Stressed, Tensed, Alarmed, Fearful

Power: Light = Controll the sun and anything that produces light.
●Orange (Amber-Red To Sun Gold~Sunstone)- Thinking, Searching, Busy, Stimulating Ideas, Daring Wants, Excited, On Edge, Impatient, Disturbed, Nervous, Worried, Stressed, Aggressive, Exasperated

Power: Healer = Has the ability to heal anything and anyone.
●Yellow-Orange (Amber To Saffron~Gold/Brass)- Mixed Emotions, Lovable, Emotional, Passionate, Sincere, Concerned, Challenged, Flaring Moods, Confused, Cool, Aloof, Sad, A Little Nervous, Upset

Power: Air/Wind = Summons lightning/storms, great blasts of air, advanced flying.
●Yellow (Olive To Golden~Topaz)- Ok Feeling, Luke-Warm, Vague, Bored, Emotions Mixed, Ambitious, Cautious, Many Thoughts, Intent, Distracted, Discomforted, Unsettled, Strained, Insecure, Foreboding

Power: Controller = Can controll any other persons or animals actions. And can controll their emotions.
●Green-Yellow (Green Amber To Lime~Peridot)- Mixed Emotions, Hopeful, Excitable, Expectant, Romantic, Restless, Edgy, Fiery Mood, Contrary, Irritated, Worried, Troubled, Uneasy, Distressed, Fear

Power: Weather = Can controll tempuratre/storms/snow, anything that changes the tempuratures or the weather.
●Green (Jade Green To Light Green~Emerald)- Average Reading; Normal, Neutral, No Great Stress, Fine, Calm, Easily Amused, Alert, Involved, Sensitive, Touchy, Ambivalent, Inner Disquiet, Envy, Jealousy

Power: Water = Controls/Summons/Creats water, ice, or mist. Ect. Be able to turn yourself into water and back to your human form.
●Blue-Green (Teal To Cyan~Aquamarine)- Inner Reading; Normal, Easy-Going, Inner Emotions Charged, Somewhat Relaxed, Emotional, Flirtatious, Stimulated, Upbeat, Surprised, Puzzled

Power: Mind= The ability to possess the mind and conjure illusions. Read Minds and talk through thoughts, and also erase peopls memory.
●Blue (Royal Blue To Light Blue~Sapphire)- Happy, At Ease, Calm, Relaxed, Near Bliss, Lively, Joyful, Coasting, Peaceful, Contented, Tranquil, Composed, Pleasant, Warm, Lovable

Power: Shells = Can make your skin turn into any type of sheild/ shell to protect yourself.
●Dark Blue (Midnight Blue To Twilight Blue~Tanzanite)- Very Happy, Total Bliss, Very Relaxed, Subdued, Inner Harmony, Peacefulness, Satisfied, Passionate, Love-Struck, Romantic, In Love

Power: Mythical Morpher = Can trasnform into ANY mythical creature.
●Violet-Blue (Indigo To Lavenflower~Iolite)- Contented, Deeply Relaxed, Extremely Happy, Intensely Passionate, In Love, Very Romantic, Feeling Great, The Ultimate Mood - At Your Best

Power: Teleportation = Can teleport anything and anyone to another place, including ones self.
●Violet (Deep Violet To Lavender~Sugulite)- Preoccupied, Irked, Moody, Mischievous, Mystical, Intrigued, Emotionally Excited, Sensual, Physically Charged, Blissful, Happy, Passionate, In Love, Romance

Power: Weapons = Able to make anything into a weapon.
●Red-Violet (Aubergine To Mauve~Amethyst)- Moody Passions, Violent Love, Romantic, Aflame, Emotionally Peaking, Over The Edge, Hyper, Infuriated, Surging Energies, Ballistic, Despair, Unhappy

Power: Animal Whisperer = The abilityto talk to any animal or bug.
●Fuchsia (Magenta To Pink~Rose Quartz)- All Right, At Rest, Mellow, Happy, Warm, Affectionate, Love Glow, Resonant, Thoughtful, Cool, Curious, Unanswered Questions, Mystified, Fear, Wonder

Power: Levitation = Can levitate ones self, or other people and thigs around you. More than one object at a time, any ammount allowed.
●Gray (Storm Gray To Stone Gray~Silver/Titanium)- Neutral, At Rest, Cool, Aloof, Inhibited, Little Emotion, Unconcerned, Tired, Depressed, Sad, Uneasy, Afraid, Very Anxious, Worried

Power: Invisibility = The ability to turn transparent, also able to make others and other things transparent.
●White (Moonstone To Ice Mist~Ivory/Opal)- Meditative, Restrained Mood, Philosophical, Temperate, Not Much Enthusiasm, Indifferent, Bored, Confused, Frustrated, Strained, Astounded, Intense Fear

Power: Pursuasion = Pursuade anyone into doing ANYTHING.
●Mist Blue (Willow Blue To Cat Eye Blue~Sillimanite)- Cool, Wistful, Questioning, Wondering, Somewhat Odd Feelings, Suspicious Of, Forlorn, Wanderlust, Longing, Pining For, Sorrowful, Despair

Power: Forcefields = The ability to create a forcefield around ones self or others, objects aswell, and can lift thigns and people, including yourself into the air in a forcefield.
●Green Sky (Eden Green To Cat Eye Green~Chrysolite)- Calm, Relaxed, Nonchalant Emotions, Pondering, Discerning, Inquiring, Searching For, Interested, Bemused, Inquisitive, Surprised

Rarer Mood Ring Colors

Power: Electricity = Can controll anything that is electronical, fix electronic things that are broken or break things, so on.
●Blue Flame (Blue Amber To Cobalt~Blue Opal)- Radiant, Aglow, Enamored, Love, Desirable, Lambent, Reminiscent Passions, Mellow, Collected, Warm, Genuine Concerns, Intuitive, Suspended Disbelief

Power: Normal Morpher = Can morph into anything, and anyone, not including mythical creatures.
●Blue/Green/Yellow (Verdigris To Unique Green~Euclase)- Deep Heartfelt Contemplation, Sensitive Emotional Serenity, Sincere/ Thoughtful, Wavering Moods, Shifting/Tremulous Mode

Power: Super Strength = Can lift anything of any weight without feeling tired, or anything like that, can pick up ANYTHING. Even an elephant. xD
●Violet/Green (Deep Teal To Indigo/Green~Chrysocolla)- Upbeat Motivation, Emotional, Intuitive, Slightly Unpredictable, Mostly Relaxed Mood, Contented/Delighted, Rejuvenated, Having A Sense Of Ease

Power: Transformation = Can transform anything (Not people or anything animal, mostly just water, earth plants, so on) into any shape or form.
●Violet/Brown (Purple Taupe To Gray Indigo/Blue~Axinite)- Distant Hope, Lost, Disenchanted, Lurking Emotions, Moody, Dreary, Nervous, Mystical Depths Of Feeling, Retrospective, Mysterious Notions

Power: Leave Your Body = Power to leave your body, and go somewhere else, (but your body still in that one place)
●Green/Brown (Umber Shadow To Green/Red~Chrysoberyl)- Muted, So-So, Cooler, Pressured, Off-Set, Stressed, Antagonized, Tedious Emotions, Tiresome, Misguided Thoughts, Weird Moods, Aggravated

Power: Laser = Laser beams can come out of your eyes or you finger tips.
●Gray/Beige (Taupe/Haze To Silvered Dusk~Siderite)- Misguided, Feeling Unpredictable, Malcontented, Angst, Extremely Worried With Fear, Sad, Anxious, Strained, Nervous, Tensed

Power: Walk Through Things = you can walk through anything, people, walls, cars, you can just simply walk through them.
●Pink Coral (Autumn Blush To Yellow-Pink~Morganite)- Fine, Mild, Blissful, Optimistic, Excellent Vibes, Evocative, Mischievous, Effected, Slight Moodiness, Somewhat Concerned, Impatient, Misgivings

Power:All The Powers Together
Rainbow (Paisley To Psychedelic~Ammolite)- Emotions Are Overly Reactive, Constant Mood Changes, Indescribable, High Energy, Hyper, Wild, Extremely Moody, Conflicted, Disorganized



[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Skin Tone:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color/Style/Length:[/b]
[b]Regular Human, Evermore Or Evermore Hunter?[/b]
[i]If Evermore[/i] [b]Mood Jewlry (Only one, if can be a ring, anklet, bracelet, necklace, or earrings)[/b]
[b]Extra Items:[/b]

If You Would Like A Pet, Create Your Own Form Any Type Of Animal Allowed Must Be Domestic

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PostSubject: Re: Love Me Or Love Me Not   Love Me Or Love Me Not Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 1:15 am

Full Name:Nichole Laurine Rose Preffers to Be Called Nikki
Birthdate:October 8th
Birthstone: Her Ring
Regular Human, Evermore Or Evermore Hunter?Evermore
If Evermore Mood Jewlry (Only one, if can be a ring, anklet, bracelet, necklace, or earrings)Her Mood necklace
Eye Color:
Beautiful Eyes A Mix Of Dark Colors
Hair Color/Style/Length:Hair that is a bright vibrant blonde, and is long with silky smooth waves that seem to have a mind of their own.
Skin Tone:A Mocha CreamTan
Nationality:American X Italian
Personality:Nikki is a crazy girl, she is not affraid to speak her mind, and she doesn't care what people think of her, she's a wonderful person to be around and can liven anyones day, and is the life of every party she's invited too. She has a bright outlook on life, and is very spontanious and optimistic, with a pearly white smile that can make anyones day. She also has a fiery temper and sticks up for all her friends nad family, she can't stand when people put people she likes down, she doesn't insult, but she has a way of looking at you with a stare that coudl make the blood running in your veins icy cold. She has the heart of a lion, and is defiant when she doesn't want to do something that someones making her do. She find every way to get out of it, and most of the time she succeeds. She let's no one bring her down, especially when she's doing nothing wrong. It's also rare to see her cry.
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Posts : 102
Join date : 2008-05-12
Age : 23
Location : I iz in your computer, eatin' your mega bitez!

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PostSubject: Re: Love Me Or Love Me Not   Love Me Or Love Me Not Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 1:15 am

Likes and Dislikes In Spoiler
Interests:Nikki has many interests, music, reading, and horses, horses has to be her number one priority when she's with any horse at all she dedicates care and love to the horse and is kind and gentle. Most of the time you can find her at the stables in town, or in a tree with her nose stuck in a book and her eyes trained on the page, speedily reading over and absorbing the words that spring into life as they dance across the page in their usual ordinary font.
Nichole isn't one to flaunt her beauty, but she knows she's pretty and enjoys compliments from people here and there about her looks. Though she knows for a fact it's the inside that counts, she can't help but be happy that she is attractive and healthy. She is strong from many years a horse-back riding, dancing, and gymnastics. With a curvy healthy toned figure, and bouncy blonde hair, a bright fearless personality, and dark eyes a variety of colors, you can't help but to admit she is a beautiful girl inside and out.
Love Me Or Love Me Not 200029004
Her Room
Love Me Or Love Me Not Image210
INSTEAD OF PINK, imagine the bedspread a light aquamarine, the Love Pillow white with Black writing, the pink blanket is a dark aqua, with light aqua, and has an 'A' on it instead of the 'H', the walls are painted a light light aqua with the same print in the picture, the curtains are a dark aqua, the chair is all aqua with white and black, the little flower stools are blue and white, and the flowers are a light blue.
Car:Love Me Or Love Me Not Car10Extra Items:
Items In Spoiler

Juicy Charm Bracelet
When Above Charm is Opened
has Small Eleastic Rings In It

Things In Purse
Heart Key Chain
On Key Chain
House Keys
Balcony Key
Bedroom Key
Diary Key
Car Keys, and a few extra keys to rooms in her house
Cell Phone charm
Camera Case
Things In Camera Case
Set of calculator mini ruler, pens, mic, and so on
5GB USB Memory Stick
Roxy Wallet
Colored Invisible Ink Pens
Inivisible Ink Marker/Pen
Invisible Ink Pen With Backlight

Computer Case
Things In Computer Case
8 GB Scented Rasberry USB Memory Stick
4GB USB Memory Stick

Roxy Tote
Things In Roxy Tote
Diary, with lock, key i on key cain
Laser Pen Pointers With Shapes
Laser Keychain With Assorted Shapes
Handcuff Keychain

Hollister Tote
Things In Hollister Tote
Sticky Notes
Scented & Glittered Gel Pens

She has a HUGE Make-Up Collection
Make-Up Bags X3 Yeah she needs that many for all of this. Razz
Make-up Kit
More Make-Up
Yet Again MORE Make-up
Yup, MORE make-up
Curious Perfume
Body Glitter Kit
Body Spray
Body Care Kit
Vera Wing Princess On The Go, key chain and perfume bottle.
The Key chain contains mini tear open capsuls that you can apply spearingly on your wrists, and neck, then throw the little plastic capsul away, perfect for on the go chics. Also including a large heart shaped bottle of perfume.

Big Jewelry Box
Things In Big Box

Earring Box
Things In It
Musical Note Earrings #1
Musical Note Earrings #2
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings
Aquamarine Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Juicy Heart Earrings
Cherry Earrings
Cherry Earrings

Necklace Keeper
Things In It
Treble Cleff Necklace
Juicy Coture Heart Necklace
Guitar Necklace
I love you neckalce split into two
Silver Heart Necklace
Silver Heart Diamond Necklaxe
Juicy Couture Necklace
Arrow Necklace

Ring Box
Things In It
Birthstone Rings
Silver Birthstone Ring
Bright Assorted color Jelly Rings
Super Bright Jelly Ring
Amethyst Ring
Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Aquamarine Ring
Pink Ring
Heart Ring
Sapphire Ring
Peridot Ring

Extra Big Things
Black Light
Color Changing Hanging Mirror Ball
Fiberoptic Spray Light
Tight Abercrombie slightly faded jeans with gem butterflys onthe back pockets and running up the sides. The shirt in the picture, and black tennis shoes with purple.
Love Me Or Love Me Not SnoweeLaurineRose
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Love Me Or Love Me Not
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